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Friday, September 11, 2020

An exciting, adventurous but dangerous hobby: Photography of the inaccessible caves.

How did Mr. Robbie Shone fulfill his dream to be 

a 'Cave Photographer' of National Geographic Channel?


National Geographic Channel:

    Those who regularly watch National Geographic Channel would have been thinking that who do such incredible photography of such inaccessible places? Mountains, rivers, forests, valley caves, etc. destinations where it is difficult for the common man to go; photographers from the National Geographic Channel reach there and capture such stunning photographs that the viewers are stunned.

Adventurous cave photographer of National Geographic Channel: Mr. Robbie Shone: 
Adventurous cave photographer of National Geographic Channel: Mr. Robbie Shone:

Adventurous photographer Mr. Robbie Shone:


    Here is the story of an adventurous photographer Mr. Robbie Shone of National Geographic Channel, who is the only photographer who reached the world's deepest, longest, and biggest caves. He is interested in photography of caves only.
It is not easy to do photography of unknown caves of inaccessible areas. There can be many dangers in a dark place, apart from deadly snakes, wild animals, swamps, poisonous bees, a deep valley, a deep pond filled with unknown water, and many other risks. Photographers have to do this task facing these risks. So it was necessary to have appropriate training before the expedition of the caves.


The goal of life:


    Mr. Robbie Shone enrolled in the College of Fine Arts in Sheffield, England, with a dream of becoming a painting artist. Later he Joined the Caving team, and while he was about to go for cave photography for the first time, he thought what it meant to do photography in a dark cave? But when he visited the caves and did photography, he realized that not the paintings but the caves' photography should be his life's goal. The goal and priority of his life changed forever to cave photography. He decided to make this a career for himself.


The training:


    As mentioned above, the photography of the cave is no easy task. As training is necessary for mountaineering, similarly strict training is required for landing in caves.
To have training of descending into the caves with the help of a rope, Mr. Robbie Shone accepted a job in a house building company. His task was to hang on the tall buildings with a rope and operate heavy drilling machines keeping the balance. Mr. Robbie Shone used to spend the weekend for cave photography after the job.


But if you are a hobbyist, then who thinks about the cost, danger, and challenge?


    There was no digital camera with modern technology at that time, and the professional cameras were usually heavy. During the caves' photography, they had to handle the heavy equipment and the wastage of reels due to darkness; hence, the expenses were higher. But if you are a hobbyist, then who thinks about the cost, danger, and challenge?




    Though photographs of Mr. Robbie shone were published in various magazines, his goal was to join as a photographer with National Geographic Channel. So he sent many emails to the editors of the channel, then after eight years, one day, a call was invited from the Washington office. The editors of the channel appreciate the work but instructed that more upgraded work is needed. A few days later, Mr. Shone again visited them with a new portfolio, but the channel owner, editor, discarded all his photographs. Mr. Robbie Shone disappointed but never give up.


An invitation from the National Geographic Channel:


    But in a German magazine, he got work, and his pictures started appearing in the magazine frequently, and he acquired both the value and the fame. After four years, the National Geographic Channel owners invited him to join with them, which was his only dream.
After joining the National Geographic Channel, his talents emerged in photography such that he took stunning pictures and presented that to the world.

Visit of the deepest cave of the world

Visit of the deepest cave of the world.

When Mr. Robbie Shone visited the deepest cave of the world:


    About the experience of landing in the deepest cave in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia, which is 8000 feet deep, the show says that it seemed that we are descending from the Everest Mountain.
Descending 12 hours daily, after three days, we reached the bottom. We had to stay for 14 days, but on the 10th day, we heard a running train sound. That was a noise of flood, so after securing our memory cards, leaving all the other equipment, cameras, floodlights, generators, etc., we got out from there to save our lives.


At last, dream come true:


    So, facing such dangers, Mr. Shone has brought out the inner world of known - unknown caves of the world in front of us. Otherwise, it is tough for people like us to imagine such inaccessible places and to go there.

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