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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Sanchi will become India's second and Madhya Pradesh's first solar city| Useful_Information|

Solar City Sachi and  Boddh Stupas.

Madhya Pradesh's Sanchi will become the second
solar city after Odisha's Konark City.

  • The power generated for Sanchi would be double than basic demand.
  • After the completion of the project, the electricity bills of the residents of Sanchi and the hotels will be expected to decrease by 80 percent. 
  • Street lights and signal systems of Sanchi will run on solar power.


    Sanchi is a tourist destination located 50 km away from Bhopal city. Here is the famous Stupa of Lord Buddha, visited by lakhs of tourists from India and abroad.
    The latitude for Sanchi City of Madhya Pradesh is 464661, so that the sun's rays fall straight on this site, so it's possible to generate maximum electricity from the solar panels.
    That's why this destination was selected for the second project of the country.

    First solar city of Madhya Pradesh:

    Sanchi, the poplar tourist destination of Madhya Pradesh, will become the first solar city of the state. It will be the second solar city in the country. Approximately 7.3 MW of electricity has intended to be produced through this project.

    About the solar project:

    The twelve solar panels in the five MW sub-station at Nagauri near Sanchi has completed. Solar panels have been installed for garden lights, street lights, water plants, and public transport. And solar rooftops have been made available with more than the capacity of the houses. Additionally, solar electricity has been provided to the market, government premises, and private offices.

    Solar panels in Sanchi_MP.

    Konark: Country's first solar city:

    Sanchi will be the second solar city in the country. Before this, Konark of Odisha is the first solar city. Konark is a complete solar city. Sanchi is the tourism sector, famous for Stupas, to see which people come from abroad. This city is about 50 km away from the capital Bhopal. On commissioning these solar projects, it would be possible to supply sufficient and uninterrupted electricity to Sanchi.

    Sunday, May 28, 2023

    EDDELU_KARNATAKA: Wake up Karnataka Campaign! How did the voters of Karnataka find the solution to radical politics?

    The Voters On Polling Booth.

    The awareness campaign by the people of Karnataka!

    • people of Karnataka soon understood that
      such a radical political situation would ruin the coming generation and the country as a whole.

    “The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.”

    ― Plato, The Republic

    The immortal quote of Pluto about the politicians:

    Born about 2400 years ago, Pluto was a disciple of the famous philosopher Socrates and a teacher of Aristotle. Even today, how accurate is his statement about royalty that 'If you stay away from politics, someone else with low mentality will become your king.

    The vigilant youth of Karnataka:

    The people of Karnataka, especially the youth, understood this very well. That's why just six months before the Karnataka election, they commenced a silent but result-oriented campaign for ideal voting, which was reflected in the result of the Karnataka election.

    The campaign of Karnataka people, a democratic way:

    Doesn't India need such an awareness campaign?

    Six months before the Karnataka assembly elections, about 120 social (not political!) organizations from across the country and Karnataka came together and formed a platform called Idelu. Idelu means to wake up. Wake up the Karnataka. Thousands of young men and women got involved in this pious work, and everyone divided the work according to their capacity. With the help of audio-visual programs were prepared, which describe the present condition of the country in such a simple language that even the villagers could understand.550 posters, 80 videos, and seven folk song albums were prepared for this campaign, one lakh copies of Pamphlates were printed, and volunteers were asked to distribute photocopies.

    Watch this story in Hindi:

    The dedicated field work of the volunteers:

    Volunteers explained to the People in simple language about the misleading speech of the politicians. This self-styled organization conducted 250 workshops and campaigned in 103 assembly constituencies. By creating zones in these constituencies, volunteers had given the responsibility, who worked hard to awaken the people. By forming a team, awareness has been spread everywhere through propaganda like music, film, Street-play, etc. Radical political parties, who wanted to break the opponent's votes, were told not to put up candidates or the voters would get informed for whose benefit they were working. As a result, 49 candidates sensibly withdrew their candidature.And at last hard work of the Wake Up Karnataka Campaign came out, which was reflected in the Karnataka election results.

    About democracy:

    An ideal democracy should be liberal and vibrant, where citizens shouldn't be fearful. The opposite candidates shouldn't have been troubled by the pretext of religion, tradition, culture, customs, and finances.

    The people of Karnataka soon understood that such a radical political situation would ruin the coming generation and the country as a whole.

    Reference Link:

    Facebook: Wake up Karnataka.

    The video:

    Thursday, May 25, 2023

    Miraculous rise of the teenage princess from the slums of Mumbai city in India| Maleesha: The modeling girl emerged from Mumbai slums|


    Maleesha: A World Famous Supermodel
    Risen Out From Mumbai Slums.

    What happened in the life of Maleesha, who has the potential to become a supermodel in the future, is a miracle that does not occur in everyone's life. Here is the inspiring story of a girl living in abject poverty with her family in the Bandra-Dharavi slums in Mumbai city of India. But now she is a famous international model and actor. Maleesha's luck came after a chance meeting with a Hollywood star. Maleesha's ambition is to become a supermodel, and she is determined to face all odds to make it happen. She got the break by modeling in a beauty campaign by a luxury brand.


      The fame of Maleesha:

      She is known by her nickname 'Princess of Slum' which she proudly mentions on her Instagram. She is famous as a model. Recently Maleesha has been featured as the main character in an advertisement campaign by a luxury beauty brand: Forest Essentials. Maleesha has millions of followers on Instagram, and her photo has been published on the cover of many famous magazines. She will be called on behalf of Hollywood film and media. But how did this life-changing miracle happen to her?

      Meleesha had a unique meeting with a Hollywood star:

      A few years later, in 2020, she met Robert Hoffman, a famous Hollywood star. Robert Hoffman had to find a teenage girl living in the slums to shoot a music video in India. When he met Maleesha, he was impressed by her versatility, looks, and style and selected her for Robert's Music video.

      Who is Robert Hoffman?

      Robert Hoffman is a famous actor, dancer, and choreographer in the media world of America. He was born on 21 September 1985 in Gainesville, Florida, United States. Hhe has worked in cinema and TV and has appeared in music videos.(For more information, see the link at the bottom of the post.)

      Promotion and endorsement by Robert Hoffman for Maleesha:

      To establish Maleesha as a model, Robert Hoffman created her social media account, which attracted millions of followers. Robert Hoffman created a page for a $20,000 fund on the crowdfunding website 'Go Fund Me', which has raised $13,800.

      Maleesha's Dream:

      Maleesha's dream of becoming a successful model came true. Her photo appeared on the cover of a fashion periodical. A short film was also made, titled - 'Princess Of The Slums'. She wants to become a supermodel. So that she can uplift her family out of generational poverty and is determined to face any barrier for that.

      Maleesha's inspiration:

      Maleesha said: 'Priyanka Chopra is her role model, and she is impressed by Nora Fatehi's dancing skills.

      Robert Hoffman's tweet:



      -The End-

      Sunday, May 7, 2023

      The daughter of Surat brought laurels to Gujarat and the country by winning the gold medal in Dubai|

      Gold Medalist Shihora Jisha in Dubai International Karate Championship from Surat.

      Jishaben Vijaybhai Shihora from Surat city of Gujarat, India, earned the honor for country and city, winning the gold medal in Dubai.


        Dubai International Karate Championship Budokan Cup Dubai-2023, held in Dubai:

        An International Karate Championship had organized in Dubai on the 30th of April-2023. Jisha Shihora(17yr.) won the gold medal.

        Jisha has been active in Karate since childhood:

        Jisha Shihora, 17, lives with her family in Katargam, Surat. Active in sports since childhood, Jisha considered Karate as her career. Along with her studies, she was also taking karate training. Jisha had gone to Dubai to participate in the Karate Championship after giving her 12th examination.

        She won Gold Medal in Karate- a marshal art:

        "In Karate terms, Kumite is where two competitors face off performing defensive and offensive techniques in a standing competition. Competitors can use punches, kicks, or takedowns against their opponents."

        More than 600 Karatekas participated in the Dubai International Karate Championship Budokan Cup Dubai-2023, held in Dubai from April 30. In this competition, Jisha won the Gold Medal in Kumite.

        Surat heartily welcomes Jisha:

        When Jisha returned from Dubai, family, friends, her coach, neighbors, and citizens of Surat heartily welcomed her. The Principal, teacher, and her co-students at the school also welcomed her

        About her training in Karate:

        She received strict training for the competition. She used to go from Surat to Bardoli for training. Among the batch, she was the only girl practicing Karate with the boys. The hard training of one month turned into success in the form of the Gold Medal. It was possible with the support from family, school, and coaches for her achievement.

        Wednesday, April 19, 2023

        A unique and successful formula to make the world plastic free | Sarpanch of a village in Kashmir found an effective solution|

        Sarpach of Sadiwara_Farook Ahmad Ganay talking with channel ANI.

        Sadiwara, a far-slung village in South Kashmir, has come up with a unique initiative solution for saving the environment.

        Sarpanch of a village in Kashmir found an effective solution. A unique initiative of 'Give Plastic, Take Gold' has been successful in Kashmir.

        Invention of plastic: A synthetic waterproof substance was invented by Alexander Parkes in 1862 as an alternative to lacquer. Then through follow-up research, these objects were upgraded. Today, various forms of that substance have been discovered. It is colloquially known as plastic.

        Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic:

        Plastic proved beneficial in every aspect of life.Plastic, or related synthetic materials, are durable, strong, and flexible for design, widely used in health, medicine, technology, automobiles, packaging, aviation, and building construction. But then the disadvantages of plastic are understood. It is harmful to the environment. Its durability is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Plastics have created deadly problems for cities, villages, agriculture, drainage systems, oceans, and many land and sea creatures. Plastic disposal is a big problem in the world.

        Sarpanch of Sariwala village in the Anantnag district of South Kashmir has found the perfect solution.

        Sarpach of Sadiwara_Farook Ahmad Ganay and villagers collecting plastic waste.

        The plastic free campaign of Sarpach of Sadiwara_Farook Ahmad Ganay and villagers collecting plastic waste:

        .Sarpanch Mr. Farooq Ahmad Ganay, a lawyer, started a campaign in his jurisdiction - 'Deposit twenty quintals of plastic and carry a gold coin.'
        The situation has become such that the entire village has been declared plastic-free in just 15 days after the announcement of this scheme.

        Mr. Farooq Ahmad Ganay became an inspiration for everyone in the Kashmir valley. Villages were declared plastic free within 15 days after the campaign started. This campaign has gained vast popularity and has been appreciated and adopted by other village administrative authorities, governments such as Uttarakhand, and southern states. Farooq Ahmad Ganay was determined to get rid of polythene waste. So, he gives a gold coin to anyone who collects 2,000 kg of garbage. This campaign has encouraged the village dwellers to form a club to clean up their surroundings and has brought remarkable changes.

        Planning to do the village plastic free:

        The plastic free campaign of Sarpach of  Sadiwara_Farook Ahmad Ganay and villagers collecting plastic waste.

        This excellent rule of this village has been in discussion for a long time. The scheme was to get one gold coin for 20 quintals of plastic waste. The situation has become such that the entire village has been declared plastic-free in just 15 days after the announcement of this scheme.

        People spend money to buy gold. Some people buy gold to wear, while some for investment purposes. But imagine you're getting gold in exchange for trash. People liked the innovative idea and received gold in return for plastic garbage. Sadiwara became a unique village in India where you can get gold instead of plastic waste. The situation has become such that plastic waste cleared as soon as this scheme had announced.

        The rewards and encouragement from the DC Sir:

        After 15 days of the successful campaign, he invited DC sir Dr. Prasad. DC sir congratulated and distributed the reward and encouraged the dwellers who had collected polythene. Releasing the incredible success of the campaign, he decided to keep the campaign on more effectively, and he announced that whoever would give us plastic would get the gold.

        What Mr. Farook Ahmad Ganay has to say?

        "As a citizen and as sarpanch, let us do something that sets an example. This example should be followed not only by the entire JKUT but should be by the entire country and state. So we started a campaign that- 'first collect polythene, plastic and get the reward' and after 15 days of the successful campaign, we invited DC sir Dr. Prasad. DC sir happily distributed the reward and encouraged our people who had collected polythene. We have more guidance from the sir. On that day, I thought, 'This campaign was incredibly successful. Now let us do something different, and we said, 'Whoever gives us plastic, we will give him gold.'"

        A video of ANI news:

        Unique initiative of ‘Give Plastic, Take Gold’ a runaway hit in Kashmir.

        Thursday, February 23, 2023

        The cleanest village in Asia is in India | Inspiration Story Of The Village Of Meghalaya State |

        • Mawlynnong, the village of Meghalaya in East India, is the cleanest village in Asia.
        • All the residents of the village are well-educated and speak English fluently.
        • This village is known as God's own garden.
        • Every morning villagers wake up early for village cleaning.

          An inspirational story of the Mawlynnong Village of Meghalaya State, Eastern India.

          Mavalyanong, the village of Meghalaya in East India, is the cleanest village in Asia.

          Despite the cleanliness campaign in India, garbage is not decreasing. The dumping site in the cities is growing higher. Even in rural areas, cleaning and effective hygiene campaigns are challenging.In this situation, Mawlynnong, a village in Meghalaya, stood as an example of cleanliness for the nation. Read the inspirational story ofMawlynnongvillage.

          A matter of pride for Meghalaya State:

          Regarding the cleanliness campaign of the Government of India, this village has successfully stood with the challenge. Mawlynnongvillage of Meghalaya state in East India is proud to be the cleanest village in Asia, not just India.

          Thursday, February 2, 2023

          Hindi: chennai ke bardamain kee adbhut sachchee kahaanee| chennee ke josaph ko apanee jaan bachaane ke lie chaar toton ne kis prakaar puraskrt kiya?


          चेन्नई की एक अविश्वसनीय सच्ची कहानी जो अरेबियन नाइट्स या हैरी पॉटर की कहानी से कम नहीं है

          जोसेफ सीकर, एक बिजली मिस्त्री और फोटोग्राफी के शौक़ीन, भारत के एक तटीय शहर चेन्नई के ट्रिप्लिकेन क्षेत्र में रहते हैं। वह एक साधारण जीवन जीने वाले एक साधारण व्यक्ति हैं। एक दिन उसके साथ कुछ बहुत ही असामान्य हुआ। एक सुबह, कॉफी की चुस्की लेते हुए, जोसफ ने सुबह की ठंडी हवा के लिए छत का दरवाजा खोला। अचानक, उसने छत के कोने में कुछ छोटा और हरा देखा।

          जोसेफ ने अपनी छत के कोने में क्या आश्चर्य देखा?

          जोसेफ ने कभी-कभार आराम करने के लिए छत पर एक कुर्सी और एक छोटी मेज रख दी थी। उस कुर्सी के पीछे कुछ हरा दिखाई दे रहा था। जब उन्होंने कुर्सी हटाई तो यह देखकर हैरान रह गए कि वह कोई छोटी हरी वस्तु नहीं बल्कि चार हरे तोते थे।
          तोते बुद्धिमान प्रजाति हैं। उन्हें गर्म वातावरण पसंद है, इसलिए वे भारत में बड़ी मात्रा में निवास करते हैं। जोसेफ ने तोतों को इतने पास से कभी नहीं देखा था। उसे आश्चर्य हुआ कि तोते उड़ क्यों नहीं रहे। ये पक्षी निर्भय होते हैं और यह जोसफ का अनुभव था कि ये थाली में रखे भोजन पर झपटने से नहीं डरते थे और भोजन उठाकर तुरंत भाग जाते थे।
          ज्यादातर, ये पक्षी मनुष्यों से सुरक्षित दूरी बनाए रखते हैं। जोसेफ को असामान्य लगा जब इन चारों पक्षियों ने उड़ने की कोशिश नहीं की। जब उन्होंने पक्षियों का निरीक्षण किया तो पाया कि उनके पंख कटे हुए थे।
          हाल ही में यह क्षेत्र एक आंधी की चपेट में आ गया था। हालांकि जोसेफ का घर तूफान से बच गया, कई इमारतें क्षतिग्रस्त हो गईं, और जानवरों और पक्षियों सहित कई लोगों की जान चली गई। ये पक्षी भयभीत और सहमे हुए थे और इनके पंख क्षतिग्रस्त हो गए थे जिससे इनका उड़ना मुश्किल हो गया था। जोसफ ने सोचा कि शायद ये पक्षी भी तूफान का शिकार हुए हैं।

          जोसेफ को इससे पहले किसी जानवर या पक्षी की देखभाल करने का कोई अनुभव नहीं था,

          जोसेफ के पास किसी भी जानवर या पक्षी की देखभाल करने का कोई पिछला अनुभव नहीं था, और उसके घर में पक्षियों के लिए उपयुक्त भोजन भी नहीं था। जोसफ ने पक्षियों को कुछ चावल के दाने खिलाए थे, जिसे उन्होंने तुरंत और खुशी-खुशी चहचहाहट के साथ खा लिया। सो जोसेफ ने उन पर तरस खाकर जो ठीक समझा, वह किया, और पंछियोंके लिथे दाना मोल लेने बाजार में गया। कुछ दिनों के लिए, जोसेफ पक्षियों को दाना डालता है, और परिणामस्वरूप, पक्षी अपने स्वास्थ्य को ठीक करने लगते हैं। कुछ असफल प्रयासों के बाद वे उड़ने में सफल रहे। जोसफ खुशी से उन्हें उड़ते हुए देख रहा था।

          तोते के साथ जोसेफ का दिव्य लगाव:

          अब, तोतों को जोसेफ से इतना लगाव हो गया था कि आकाश में उसके घर के चारों ओर उड़ने के बाद, वे वापस आकर छत पर उसके पास बैठ जाते थे। अब, इन चारों पक्षियों ने जोसेफ के घर को अपना घर बना लिया था। पड़ोसी भी इन खूबसूरत छोटी हरी चिड़ियों की चाल से खुश होते थे और जोसफ की तारीफ किया करते थे। चार पक्षियों और जोसेफ के बीच ईश्वरीय विश्वास के बंधन ने साबित कर दिया कि सभी जीवित प्राणियों को बहुत प्यार और मदद की जरूरत है और जोसफ दुनिया की भलाई के लिए उसका एक छोटा सा हिस्सा कर रहा था। जोसफ, जो कभी किसी पशु पक्षी को दुलारने का अभ्यस्त नहीं था, अब इन पक्षियों से जुड़ गया था और उनकी देखभाल करने में बहुत खुश था।
          जोसेफ और उसके पड़ोसी खुश थे, लेकिन उसका फ्लैट मालिक नहीं। मालिक ने जोसफ को चेतावनी दी कि या तो पक्षियों को छोड़ दो या घर खाली कर दो। जोसफ ने उसे समझाया कि तोते पिंजरे में नहीं हैं, लेकिन स्वतंत्र हैं और स्वेच्छा से छत पर आराम करते हैं।

          तोतों का दु:खद अलविदा:

          कुछ दिनों के बाद, सुबह कुछ चौंकाने वाला हुआ जिसने जोसेफ को उदास कर दिया। चारों तोते शायद जोसेफ की समस्या समझ गए और उड़ते हुए चले गए। इस बार वे समुद्र की ओर उड़े और वापस नहीं लौटे। दुख के बावजूद, जोसेफ मुस्कुराया क्योंकि उसने एक नेक काम किया था और खुद को एक अच्छा इंसान साबित किया था जिसने चार गरीब पक्षियों को जीवनदान दिया था। उसे वे तोते बहुत याद आते थे।

          जोसेफ के फ्लैट के मालिक और चेन्नई के रहने वाले हैरान क्यों हो गए?

          उसके फ्लैट का मालिक खुश था, लेकिन कुछ दिनों में, कुछ अविश्वसनीय हुआ जिसने मालिक जोसेफ और चेन्नई के निवासियों को हैरान कर दिया।
          एक या दो हफ्ते बाद, तोते लौट आए, लेकिन इस बार वे सिर्फ चार नहीं थे। वे अन्य साथी पक्षियों के साथ लौट आए। शुरू में कुछ पक्षी वापस आए। फिर ज्यों-ज्यों दिन बीतते गए, पक्षियों के झुण्ड जोसेफ के घर में आने लगे। मानो चारों तोतों ने अपने साथियों को बता दिया कि जोसेफ की छत एक सुरक्षित जगह है और जोसेफ उन्हें नुकसान नहीं पहुँचाएगा। यह ऐसा था मानो तोते अपने गुटों के साथ लौटकर उस पर भरोसा दिखाते हुए जोसेफ का शुक्रिया अदा कर रहे हों। जोसेफ का हृदय हर्ष और गर्व से भर गया।

          जोसेफ का क्या कहना है?

          जोसेफ उनकी वापसी की घटना को याद करता है और बताता है कि शुरुआत में पांच से दस तोतों का झुंड आता था। कैसे एक हजार से अधिक तोतों (लगभग 6000) के आगमन के साथ पक्षियों की आबादी में वृद्धि हुई थी, और एक वर्ष के भीतर संख्या में वृद्धि जारी है।
          "चक्रवात के दौरान और सर्दियों और बरसात के मौसम में उनकी संख्या बढ़ जाती है। हालांकि, मेरा मालिक खुश नहीं था, लेकिन अब मुझे उसकी ज्यादा परवाह नहीं है।"

          चेन्नई के नागरिक जोसेफ को 'बर्ड मैन ऑफ चेन्नई' कहते हैं:

          पक्षियों का एक बड़ा झुंड जोसेफ की छत पर आता है, चाहे भोजन या आश्रय की तलाश में, लेकिन जोसेफ उन्हें खिलाने में बहुत खुश है। चेन्नई के राहगीर रास्ते में रुकते हैं और इतने सारे पक्षियों के इस खूबसूरत नज़ारे को देखते हैं, तस्वीरें लेते हैं और वीडियो बनाते हैं।

          चेन्नई के लोग अब जोसेफ को 'चेन्नई के बर्डमैन' के नाम से जानते हैं।

          क्या यह कहानी अरेबियन नाइट्स या हरि पोर्टर के पात्रों जैसी नहीं है?

          Lallantop Video:

          Birdman of Chennai | Man who feeds 5000 parrots a day | Tsunami 2004 ने बदल दिया था जीवन | India