mg world vision: Know Some Interesting Information About The Holy Month Of Sawan|| Savan ke mahine ki kuchh rochak baatein||

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Know Some Interesting Information About The Holy Month Of Sawan|| Savan ke mahine ki kuchh rochak baatein||

Savan is the favorite month of Bhagwan Shiv because Parvati worshipped in this month to marry him.
Savan is the favorite month of Bhagwan Shiv because
Parvati worshipped in this month to marry him.

    In Hinduism, the month of Sawan is special among all the months which is dear to Mahadev. On Devshayani Ekadashi Tithi, Lord Vishnu, the maintainer of the world, goes into yoga nidra for four months and Lord Shankar takes the burden of running the universe on his shoulders. Here are some information about the month of Savan.


    In Hinduism, the month of Sawan is special among all the months which is dear to Mahadev. On Devshayani Ekadashi Tithi, Lord Vishnu, the maintainer of the world, goes into yoga nidra for four months and Lord Shankar takes the burden of running the universe on his shoulders.

    For Shiva devotees, the month of Sawan is considered very sacred and auspicious for worshiping Shiva. Lord Shiva is worshiped in the month of Sawan. It is believed that the devotees who observe fast on Monday in the month of Sawan and worship Lord Shankar get their desired life partner and happiness and prosperity increase in life.

    If women observe a fast on Monday in the month of Shravan, they are blessed by Lord Shankar. Performing water abhishek on Shivling in the month of Sawan gives manifold benefits. Fasting, worship and rules are especially followed in the month of Sawan.

The Devotees worship Mahadev, especially in the month of Sawan, to get the blessings.
The Devotees worship Mahadev, especially in the month of Sawan, to get the blessings.

Why is the month of Savan is favorite to Lord Shiva?

    When Goddess Sati had sacrificed her body with Yoga Shakti at the house of her father Daksha, but before that Goddess Sati had resolved to marry lord shiva in every reincarnation. In her second birth, Goddess Sati was the daughter of mount Himalaya, and her name was Parvati which means daughter of the mountain. Parvati fasted hard in the month of Savan to please Mahadev, and he married Goddess Sati, after which the month became special for Lord Shiva.

There are some tasks that should be avoided in the month of Sawan.

  1.  Special care should be taken in the food and drink items in the holy month of Sawan. One should abstain from eating meat and fish in the holy month. Apart from this, the use of garlic-onion in food is also prohibited. One should eat simple food in Sawan.
  2. It is advisable to avoid green leafy vegetables in Sawan month because the bile element in green vegetables increases in Sawan. Moreover, the number of insects and mites increases in the month of Sawan which are injurious to health.
  3. Turmeric should never be offered on Shivling because Shivling is related to the male element.
  4. Milk intake should be in the months of Sawan. However, the tradition of anointing Shiva with milk started in Sawan. According to scientific opinion, these days milk works to decrease bile.
  5. Eating brinjal in Sawan is not considered good. Brinjal is said to be impure in the scriptures. From the point of view of scientific reason, there are more insects in the brinjal in Sawan. In such a situation, eggplant can have a bad effect on health.
  6. In the month of Sawan, no bad thoughts should be brought in mind and no one should be insulted during this month.
  7. In Sawan, if a bull or a cow comes to the door of the house, instead of killing it and driving it away, give something to eat. Killing a bull is considered an insult to Nandi, the ride of Shiva.

What to eat and what not to eat during Sawan fast?

    You can consume cashews, almonds, raisins, walnuts, etc. in the diet. Apart from this, you can eat potato, gourd, pumpkin, Aravi vegetables in the fruit diet. Yes, all these are considered to be sattvic food and these things keep the body healthy and full of energy. If you want, you can include apple, banana, watermelon, orange, etc. in the diet. By eating fruits, there is no shortage of water in the body and there is no dehydration and tiredness.

    Person fasting in the month of Sawan should not eat salt, and should eat fruits without salt. Along with this, healthy drinks should be drunk so that there is energy in the body throughout the day. Apart from this, keep drinking water throughout the day, so that there is no shortage of water. By the way, if you want, you can consume lemonade, coconut water, and smoothies during the fast. Yes, all these things are healthy and full of nutrients. If you want, you can eat a handful of dry fruits during the fast.

    Fasting should avoid taking tea on an empty stomach. Yes, drinking tea on an empty stomach can cause gas problems. Along with this, being hungry or empty stomach in fasting can cause gas problems. Because of this, one should keep eating something from time to time. Apart from this, avoid eating fried and fried things during the fast. Do not eat food during the fast and do not be greedy for it.deo

Which flower should be offered to Shiva to get desired results in Sawan?


Harsingar aka Jasmin Flower.
Harsingar Flower.

     Offering flowers of Harsingar to Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan brings happiness and wealth. All the obstacles and sorrows in his life are destroyed.






Durva Grass.
Durva Grass.

     However, Durva is a favorite to Lord Ganesha, and Durva is definitely offered in worship of Lord Ganesha. But by offering Durva to Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan, a devotee remains healthy and attains a long life.







Flower of Lotus.
Flower of Lotus.

     In the month of Sawan, lotus flowers should be offered to get wealth and glory from Lord Shiva. The Mahamayadhar form of Lord Shiva is worshiped with a lotus flower. By doing this, Goddess Lakshmi is pleased and blesses with wealth.



Bella and Jasmine

Neem Chameli Flower.
Neem Chameli Flower.

     Those who are facing obstacles in getting married or are facing any kind of problem in married life should offer fragrant flowers of Bela or Jasmine to Mahadev throughout the month of Sawan. Offering a jasmine flower also makes the sum of getting a vehicle.




Madar and Datura


     Though the fruits and flowers of Madar and Datura are poisonous by nature, they are so favorite to Lord Shiva. Their description is also found in Shiva Purana. It's a belief that by offering Madar flowers to  Lord Shiva, eye-related disorders could be cured, and by offering Dhatura there is no fear of poisonous creatures like snakes, scorpions, etc.( see: Disclaimer)





Bell Leaves aka Billi Patra

Bell Leaves aka Billi Patra.
Bell Leaves aka Billi Patra.

     According to Shiva Purana, the trees of Bel Patra were originated from the sweat of Mother Parvati. That is why Bel Patra is most dear to Lord Shiva. It is believed that by offering Bel leaves to Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan, one gets the desired results.

By doing Abhishek according to your zodiac sign in the month of Sawan, you will get the blessings of Mahadev.

Zodiac Sign Aries.
Zodiac Sign Aries.

    Offer Gangajal on Shivling. Offer it by writing Shri Ram with white sandalwood on Belpatra.

Zodiac Sign Taurus.
Zodiac Sign Taurus.

    First, anoint the Shivling with curd, then offer water. After this, after anointing with sugar, offer water, after that anoint with milk and offer water. Then do tilak with white sandalwood.

Zodiac Sign Gemini.
Zodiac Sign Gemini.

    Abhishek of Shivling with honey. This will remove financial problems.

Zodiac Sign Cancer.
Zodiac Sign Cancer.

    Abhishek of Shivling with milk, curd, Gangajal and sugar candy. This will bring happiness, prosperity, and prosperity.

Zodiac Sign Cancer.
Zodiac Sign Cancer.

    Abhishek of Shivling with pure native ghee. This will solve the economic problems soon.

Zodiac Sign Virgo.
Zodiac Sign Virgo.

    Abhishekam of Shivling with milk, ghee, and honey will be beneficial.

Zodiac Sign Libra.
Zodiac Sign Libra.

    Abhishek of Shivling with curd and sugarcane juice. It will be beneficial.

Zodiac Sign scorpio.
Zodiac Sign scorpio.

    Do Abhishek on Shivling by mixing sugar in Gangajal and milk. After this, tilak the Shivling with red sandalwood.

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius.
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius.

    Shivling should be anointed by mixing raw milk, saffron, jaggery, turmeric, after that offer yellow flowers.

Zodiac Sign CapriCorn.
Zodiac Sign CapriCorn.

    Shivling should be worshiped with native ghee, honey, curd, and almond oil. After this, offer blue-colored flowers by offering coconut water.

Zodiac Sign Aquarius.
Zodiac Sign Aquarius.

    Anoint the Shivling with native ghee, honey, curd, and almond oil. Then offer blue-colored flowers by offering coconut water. In the end, do tilak with mustard oil and roll.

Zodiac Sign Pisces.
Zodiac Sign Pisces.

    Anoint the Shivling with raw cow's milk, saffron, and Gangajal. Then do tilak with turmeric and saffron.  

How to manage fast in the month of Savan?

  • Wake up early on Sawan Monday and take bath.
  • After this, do Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva.
  • Also offer Gangajal or milk to Mother Parvati and Nandi.
  • Do Rudrabhishek with Panchamrit and offer Bel leaves. Offer datura, hemp, potato, sandalwood, rice on Shivling and apply tilak to all. Offer ghee and sugar to Lord Shiva as prasad. Perform aarti of Ganesh ji with incense, lamp.
  • In the end, perform the aarti of Lord Shiva and distribute the prasad.

Material for worship of Lord Shiva.

    For the worship of Lord Shiva in Sawan, devotee can take crystal or earthen Shivling, flowers, five fruits, five nuts, gems, gold, silver, dakshina, utensils of worship, curd, pure native ghee, honey, Ganga Jal, Panch Rasa, perfume, smell Roli, Mauli Janeu, Pancha confectionery, Bilvapatra, Datura, Hemp, Plum, Mango Manjari, Barley hair, Tulsi Dal, Mandar Flower, Raw Cow's Milk, Reed Juice, Camphor Take incense, lamp, cotton, malayagiri, sandalwood, make-up material of Shiva and Mother Parvati.

Mantra of Lord Shiva.

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

    According to mythological belief, by chanting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra of Lord Shiva, one gets rid of death and fear. Along with this, the person has longevity.

"Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam||
Urvarukamiv bandhananmrityormukshiyya
mamritat, Om Namah Shivay||"

Do this changes in your home according Vastu Shastra in the month of savan for the welfare of the family.

   Everyone want to keep the home clean and tidy so that it looks beautiful and gives peace and happiness to the mind.

    But according to Vastu Shastra, it is very important to have all the things in the house in the right place. Otherwise, the happiness and peace of the house may be disturbed. Due to this, along with the creation of Vastu-defects in the house, one may have to face problems in life, relationships and financially.

    During the month of Sawan, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, you should make some changes related to Vastu in the house. Due to this, there will be happiness in the house due to the communication of positive energy.  

 Let us know about it in detail...

Keep the photograped of shiva family in the house:

    Place a picture of Shiva family on the wall in the north-east direction of the house. It is believed that this removes the tension and fights going on at home. Happiness comes with the circulation of positive energy in the house.

Recite Shri Rudrashtakam Mantra

    Recite Shri Rudrashtakam Mantra composed by Tulsidas ji during Sawan. According to Vastu, it brings happiness and prosperity in the house. By removing financial problems, there is a blessing of food and money in the house.

Plant the Bilv Patra in the compound or in the patio:

    Bilva Patra is favorite to Lord Shiva. So, to get their limitless blessings, people especially offer Bilva Patras in Sawan. According to Vastu, it is considered auspicious to plant a bilva plant in the east or north-west direction of the house during this month. It is believed that by offering water on it daily and lighting a lamp of Ghee, positive energy resides in the house.

Sprinkling the Ganga Jal in the house:

    The reason behind the fights and tensions among the members of the house is considered to be Vastu-Dosh. In such a situation, to avoid this, sprinkle Gangajal in the corners of the entire house after daily worship. By doing this the Vastu defects of the house will be removed. Also the negativity energy will turn into positive. There will be sweetness in relationships by removing the ongoing tension among the members of the house.

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