MG World Vision: Miraculous rise of the teenage princess from the slums of Mumbai city in India| Maleesha: The modeling girl emerged from Mumbai slums|


Thursday, May 25, 2023

Miraculous rise of the teenage princess from the slums of Mumbai city in India| Maleesha: The modeling girl emerged from Mumbai slums|


Maleesha: A World Famous Supermodel
Risen Out From Mumbai Slums.

What happened in the life of Maleesha, who has the potential to become a supermodel in the future, is a miracle that does not occur in everyone's life. Here is the inspiring story of a girl living in abject poverty with her family in the Bandra-Dharavi slums in Mumbai city of India. But now she is a famous international model and actor. Maleesha's luck came after a chance meeting with a Hollywood star. Maleesha's ambition is to become a supermodel, and she is determined to face all odds to make it happen. She got the break by modeling in a beauty campaign by a luxury brand.


    The fame of Maleesha:

    She is known by her nickname 'Princess of Slum' which she proudly mentions on her Instagram. She is famous as a model. Recently Maleesha has been featured as the main character in an advertisement campaign by a luxury beauty brand: Forest Essentials. Maleesha has millions of followers on Instagram, and her photo has been published on the cover of many famous magazines. She will be called on behalf of Hollywood film and media. But how did this life-changing miracle happen to her?

    Meleesha had a unique meeting with a Hollywood star:

    A few years later, in 2020, she met Robert Hoffman, a famous Hollywood star. Robert Hoffman had to find a teenage girl living in the slums to shoot a music video in India. When he met Maleesha, he was impressed by her versatility, looks, and style and selected her for Robert's Music video.

    Who is Robert Hoffman?

    Robert Hoffman is a famous actor, dancer, and choreographer in the media world of America. He was born on 21 September 1985 in Gainesville, Florida, United States. Hhe has worked in cinema and TV and has appeared in music videos.(For more information, see the link at the bottom of the post.)

    Promotion and endorsement by Robert Hoffman for Maleesha:

    To establish Maleesha as a model, Robert Hoffman created her social media account, which attracted millions of followers. Robert Hoffman created a page for a $20,000 fund on the crowdfunding website 'Go Fund Me', which has raised $13,800.

    Maleesha's Dream:

    Maleesha's dream of becoming a successful model came true. Her photo appeared on the cover of a fashion periodical. A short film was also made, titled - 'Princess Of The Slums'. She wants to become a supermodel. So that she can uplift her family out of generational poverty and is determined to face any barrier for that.

    Maleesha's inspiration:

    Maleesha said: 'Priyanka Chopra is her role model, and she is impressed by Nora Fatehi's dancing skills.

    Robert Hoffman's tweet:



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