mg world vision: Ten family members of Udkhanda village in Uttarakhand re-inhabited their deserted village, presenting an example of self-reliance.

रविवार, 25 अक्तूबर 2020

Ten family members of Udkhanda village in Uttarakhand re-inhabited their deserted village, presenting an example of self-reliance.

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Motivational story of development and self-reliance 

of Udkhanda village in Uttarakhand.
Some families also built farms for goat rearing.
Some families also built farms for goat rearing.

It started in 2017.


Udkhanda village
Udkhanda village

Udkhanda village in Tehri Garhwal district, famous for the Chipko and Bija Bachao Andolan of Uttarakhand state is surrounded by high mountains. The people of this village have presented a unique example of self-reliance. Other village residents of Uttarakhand should follow this. Not only Uttarakhand, this is an exemplary incident for the villages of India which are becoming deserted.

This village gradually became empty due to the barren land

Deserted houses
Deserted houses

    A few years ago about 140 families were inhabited in Udkhanda village. But due to the barren land, this village gradually became empty. Only 10 families were left alone in the village, who did not want to leave their village under any circumstances. The people of these families agreed and decided to resettle the village.

Created a cooperative board

    The villagers, under the guidance of village head Vinod Kothiyal, collected a donation of five lakhs and formed a cooperative board named: 'Havel Valley Agricultural Development Autonomous Cooperative Group'

The reason for the land being barren

    Sometimes this land was fruitful. Good cash crops were produced and animal husbandry was also being carried out in full swing. When the water level of the Hevel river started decreasing, the land was destroyed, which had a bad effect on farming and animal husbandry. People started leaving the village for employment. The water level of the Havel and many other small rivers which join the big river like Ganga or Jamuna is decreasing since 2014 and it is feared that these rivers will disappear. If this happens, a large part of the land will become barren. It is necessary to reclaim these rivers again.

Use of community farming

community farming
community farming/

    Under the use of community farming, they made barren land cultivable, used modern farming techniques and used cultivation of Adu and Pea on that land, which was successful. This farming resulted in a profit of nine lakh rupees, which the villagers distributed in equal proportion. Knowing the success of the use of community farming, the families who left the village started returning. Some families also built farms for goat rearing.

Marketing strategy succeeded

    The people of the village decided that they would not sell the raw material for the agricultural
Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

produce directly in the market, but after processing it, they would make a brand of Finnish goods and sell it. Their use proved to be very successful and they started making strong profits. Gradually all the people of the village came back, got their house rebuilt and the village settled again. The government also made a new road for the village. However, the villagers had to agitate for this. Many youth got employment. Today, this village has become a model model village in Uttarakhand and has shown a successful way to keep the other deserted village inhabited.

Service and guidance of the members of the Kothiyal family

    Vinod Kothiyal is Mukhi of the village and BR Kothiyal, a retired irrigation officer from other Kothiyal family. The second retired police officer is Hrishiram Kothiyal. These people are also giving the benefit of their service to this institution. Ritmani Kothiyal looks after the form of goat rearing.

Udkhanda village has suggested an effective solution to this problem.

    Nowadays villages are becoming empty, people are moving away from agriculture and animal husbandry and are becoming compelled to live in cities like Dharavi. This problem is not only in Uttarakhand but in all the villages of India. Udkhanda village has suggested an exact solution to this problem.

|| Astu ||

By  MG Dumasia.

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