mg world vision: DIY Inexpensive Solar Cooker by Zuber Saiyed for rural housewives|| ग्रामीण गृहिणियों के लिए जुबेर सैय्यद द्वारा DIY सस्ती सोलर कुकर ||

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

DIY Inexpensive Solar Cooker by Zuber Saiyed for rural housewives|| ग्रामीण गृहिणियों के लिए जुबेर सैय्यद द्वारा DIY सस्ती सोलर कुकर ||

"Sunlight provides the greatest source of renewable energy on the planet. Sunlight provides more energy in a single day, than we use in a year the world over." 

- Samuel Wright Bodman III

    Samuel Wright Bodman III was the Secretary of the Department of Energy during the time of the George W. Bush Government. Even today, in the 21st century, according to his quote, we have not still been able to fully use solar energy.

    Governments around the world are encouraging scientists, engineers, innovators, and geniuses to find a way to use solar energy at the maximum level. Inventions like solar panels and solar cookers are the result of these tasks.
Shri Zubair Saiyed received many awards for the remarkeable work in solar energy

हिन्दी के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Lack of fast development in a rural area:

    All these inventions must reach the vast majority of people, especially in rural areas. Residents of the city adopt these devices easily because the people of the city can spend a sufficient amount for their convenience, but this is not the case in rural areas. Despite government subsidies, solar equipment and other inventions have not reached the majority of rural people completely.

Pollution in Rural:

    It's believed to be that the environment of urban areas is polluted due to vehicles, and factories, but incredibly, pollution problems exist in rural areas as well, but the reason is different. Most of the huts built by villagers produce carbon monoxide by not having a ventilated kitchen. This toxic gas produces due to burning of the coal, wood, or cow dung. The inhalation of this fume by the women during
cooking causes anemia and many other diseases. Although rural areas have made a good impact on this situation to some extent with the 'Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana' (PMUY), the problem is not been eliminated.
The pollution cause by the convetional stove

Why solar energy can be used easily in rural?

Solar power is not readily available due to the lack of free space among the high-rise constructions in the cities. Whereas in rural areas, at open and wide fields the sunlight easily available, so it is easy to use solar energy there.

Types of solar cooker:

There are two types of solar cookers, one is box type which costs around Rs. 2000-3000 and another is parabola type, which costs more than Rs. 11000. In this situation, except few wealthy villagers, not all villagers can afford such an expensive cooker.

Zuber Saiyed and his inexpensive solar cooker:

Here I would like to write about a young, innovative, and engineer Mr. Zuber Saiyed, who since 2016 has been trying to provide solar cookers using readily available inexpensive materials for the villagers. This is the case of Mr. Zuber Saiyed, who has probably made the world's cheapest solar cooker; which costs only 100 rupees, and any person can prepare it himself.
Zuber Saiyed is preparing a cheaper solar cooker
Zuber Saiyed is preparing a cheaper solar cooker
Mr. Zuber Saiyed has designed a solar cooker using just cardboard, aluminum foils, thread, glue, and scissor and the total cost of this material does not exceed Rs.100. He visits the number of villages and provides one-day training to the villagers, most of them are ladies, and thus he is doing an excellent social service.
Hand Made Parabola Solar Cooker from just 6 easily available items

Hand Made Parabola Solar Cooker from just 6 easily available items

Solar cookers made by Mr. Zuber Saiyed can reduce pollution problems to some extent. With this tool, rural households can reduce their fuel costs, at least during the day, which can result in savings of their monthly domestic expenses. And this is an extra advantage that they can cook healthy and nutritious cuisine for the family!

A video in the Gujarati language published by channel 'VTV-Gujarati' 

about solar cooker is included below for more information.

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